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Join hundreds of readers seeking more out of their lives by challenging the status quo through the Leggett Letters. You’ll learn about business, travel, and how to incorporate radical freedom into your life.


Tools For Success

Tools I’ve personally built to help with your journey. 

HustleDirectory Summary


HustleDirectory is the biggest free directory of ways to make money in the world. I built the site from the first pixel, completely solo. 

ZenPixelStudio, my Etsy shop


ZenPixelStudio is an Etsy shop that I started in April 2023, where I sell AI-generated art and Midjourney prompts. 


Life, From A Different Perspective

Weekly breakdowns on lifestyle design, online business, and how to unlock your true potential.

Zennen Leggett


Hey, I'm Zennen.

I’m a digital marketer and consultant for 6 and 7-figure DTC brands advertising online. 

I’m the guy they call when they have something that’s working, and they need to find a way to make it work better. No fancy gimmicks or pushy marketing — just authentic growth. 

I’ve been making my living online while traveling the world since 2021, and I’ve recently turned my attention towards helping other people do the same. 

I help people figure out what freedom means to them, and then incorporate strategies to attain it — geographically, spiritually, and financially. 

I’m a strong believer in radical freedom — the belief that we are the only ones in control over our lives, our choices, and our actions. If you don’t like your life, then change it. 

If you’re a brand looking to work together, then you can sign up for a discovery call here

If you’re an individual looking for a way to escape the matrix and the monotony of conventional lifestyles, then send me a message and let’s connect.