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I build stuff online and share my journey. Dive into my world of digital creations and lessons learned.

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Facebook Ads

I've been running Facebook Ads for clients since 2021. I've worked with small, medium, and large brands, and have profitable spent over $500,000.


Over the years, I've written dozens of articles, ranked thousands of keywords, and generated tens of thousands of organic clicks.


Copywriting is the life blood of what I do. It's how I pay my bills. I write copy for ads, SEO, email marketing, social media posts, and everything in between.

NoCode Design

To be frank, I just love building projects. I don't code much, but I've built websites, informational products, directories, and more — all with NoCode tools!

Things I've Built

Personal Projects

I love building stuff in my spare time. Whether it’s a website, directory, app, eCommerce store, or blog, I enjoy it all. 

HustleDirectory Summary


HustleDirectory is the biggest free directory of ways to make money in the world. I built the site from the first pixel, completely solo. 


LongboardingGuide is a niche blog that I acquired in early 2023 with my friend. It’s currently monetized with Ezoic & Amazon. 

ZenPixelStudio, my Etsy shop


ZenPixelStudio is an Etsy shop that I started in April 2023, where I sell AI-generated art and Midjourney prompts. 

Nova Digital

Nova Digital is my marketing agency, where you can book my  Facebook Ads, SEO, Copywriting, or Web Design services. 

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