The One-Way Ticket I’ll Never Return From

In October of 2021, I embarked on a adventure with a one-way ticket, knowing that I would never return as the same person.
The historic center of Bogotá

It’s October of 2021.

I’m sitting in my dad’s living room in my hometown, the prairie city of Winnipeg, Canada.

At this point, I’ve been living with him for about 16 months, after moving back home from Victoria during the pandemic.

I’ve been talking about moving away for years — in fact, I made it clear to my dad before I returned to Winnipeg that my stay would be temporary and that I would soon be pursuing my dream of becoming a digital nomad.

Where would I be going? I initially wasn’t sure, but, by October 2021 I had made my decision.


I’m not sure my family 100% believed me, but I told them of my plans.

And so, I bought my one-way ticket 11 days before the flight.

October 15th:
Winnipeg –> Toronto, Toronto –> Newark, Newark –> Bogotá.

Over the next ten days, I packed my two bags, boxed up my remaining possessions, and said goodbye to my friends and family.

Everything I brought with me

Canadian society was still being locked down at the whims of government officials, so my last days were mostly spent at home alone.

But that’s okay, I didn’t care. I knew that I was standing at the edge of a life-changing experience, and all I had left to do was jump.

Emerging From My Cocoon

Arriving in Colombia felt surreal.

I had been learning about the country and watching vlogs from travelers for months, if not longer.

In the span of 24 hours I was transported from the cold, distant society of Winnipeg during the pandemic to the warm, vibrant streets of Bogotá. I felt like I was emerging from a cocoon.

I went in as one version of myself, tightly bundled by the Canadian comforts I had known all of my life, and emerged as a different version of myself. One with a level of mobility that I had never experienced before.

I had little in terms of preparation. I had a backpack, a small duffel bag, a savings account with ~$20,000 CAD, and three nights booked in a hostel.

I didn’t know a single person in Colombia prior to arriving, and I was going completely alone.

I had no idea what was in store for me. I didn’t know where I would be going, how long I would stay, or what I would do once I got there.

All I knew was that I was embarking on a journey and that I would never return home as the same person again.

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