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I built HustleDirectory to serve as a giant directory of ways to make money online. I wanted there to be a single hub where people can discover ideas, platforms, remote job boards, and connect with a community of likeminded people. 

I built the site using Softr, a NoCode platform, for the front-end and Airtable for the back-end. As of October 2023, there are about 500 published pages. 



It likely won’t come as a surprise to discover that I built the website you’re currently visiting. I wanted to create a digital hub for myself where I could house my blog, my portfolio, my social media, and more. 

I have built this site using WordPress & Elementor. 

Nova Digital.co

I created Nova Digital to serve as an agency where people can book my services directly. 

While I primarily offer help with Facebook Ads and SEO, I also help business owners with their copywriting and web design. 

I built this site using Carrd, a very simple one-page website builder. 

DropCommerce Blog


I started working with DropCommerce back in August 2020, and one of my first initiatives was to create a blog for the SaaS company. Prior to this, they were very product-focused and had very little SEO presence outside of their branded keyword searches. 

I built this subdomain on Webflow, using a very dark and clean aesthetic. I write the articles in WordPress then copy them in. 

Flash forward to October 2023, the blog has ~4000 monthly visitors and ranks for thousands of keywords through organic SEO content. 


I’ve used link-in-bio type web pages for various projects throughout the year. However, I never liked them much. 

They control what you’re able to do, and often keep features like Google Analytics behind a paywall. So, I decided to build my own. 

I built Zennen.Me to serve as a quick repository for all of my links. I used Carrd, which made the process extremely simple. 

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