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As a digital nomad, I’ve been fascinated all of the ways people are making money online. So, I created HustleDirectory to be a compass for anyone navigating the vast ocean of online income opportunities.

Recognizing the challenges many face in finding genuine and fitting hustles, I’ve curated a comprehensive directory that covers hundreds of ways to make money, primarily online.

With HustleDirectory, my aim is to simplify your journey, refine your hustle, and help you unlock the potential of the digital world.

HustleDirectory Summary


When I got my hands on AI art tools like Midjourney back in early 2023, I saw a ton of potential. Now, with only a few clicks, you can generate amazing images in any style you want.

To capitalize on this, I created an Etsy store selling digital products that I have made with AI. The main products are AI art image packs, and AI art prompts. I’ve processed over 50 orders so far, with more coming in weekly. 

What I love about the business model is that I am only selling digital products, so I don’t need to make additional inventory or do anything to fulfill orders. 

Nova Digital

For years now, I’ve been fascinated by digital marketing because I see it as the ability to convey value. If you can’t convince someone of your product’s worth, your business will certainly die.

This led me to work in content marketing and Facebook ads for several years, and I created Nova Digital to serve as an agency where people can book my services directly. 

If you’re in need of Facebook Ads, SEO Content, Copywriting, or even a WordPress Elementor site, I’m your guy. Inquire below. 

LongboardingGuide, a niche site that I acquired in 2023.

Longboarding Guide

I started learning about SEO back in 2020, when I set up a basic WordPress site and started experimenting with it. After that, I started doing it professionally, but never quite had my own project going. 

In 2023 I decided to short-cut the process by acquiring a niche site called LongboardingGuide alongside my friend. While the project has so far not gained much traction, it has been an awesome experiment to try cutting edge AI-SEO techniques. 

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